I greatly enjoy basking under my giant heat lamp.

And the Doctor has no right to imply that I am the one who is narcissistic. Have you seen the ridiculous outfits he wears?

Thank you so much to everyone for following me, even though I’ve hardly posted anything yet! I do hope to live up to your expectations.

Still not cute. Or fluffy.

Come and ask the Master all your most burning questions.

(I really need to start working on this blog. Please do not take this as a deterrent to sending questions.)


Have a bunch of Master Valentines! askallthemasters might still be missing a theme, but I felt I should do something for it.

(Someone really needs to stop me.)



I felt inspired to make a shitty MS Paint comic-thing. It ended up a bit longer than expected.

(Go follow askallthemasters and ask questions, and I’ll probably respond something similar to this once I finally get around to adding a theme and icon and whatever else I need.)